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Meet Aquasonic – The Underwater Band

AquasonicThere are many places to play a gig, but I bet that the last place you’d ever think of was in a pool somewhere. Meet Aquasonic, the Danish band that performs exclusively underwater.

The 4 musicians and singers use custom-made underwater instruments to play completely submerged. The sounds are captured by hydrophones and then played back to the audience through a normal sound system. The musicians wear special earphones in order to listen to each other and they alternatively emerge to breathe.

Founding members Laila Skovmand and Robert Karlsson have been working for years with researchers at the University of Toronto, as well as mechanical engineers, professors of marine acoustics, scientists and experts in cymatics (the study of the effects of sound waves on the matter), and have even met with the producers of the Cirque du Soleil.

Their instruments include an electromagnetic harp, percussion instruments such as 24 Tibetan bells, a carbon fibre violin, a rhythmic instrument similar to a water wheel and a sort of organ called hydraulophone created by  Steve Mann, who invented a water-based instrument to produce sound way back in 1985.

Check it out. It’s very eerie and soothing at the same time. Make sure you use headphones because there’s a lot of low frequency info. Find out more about Aquasonic and hear more examples here.

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