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January 26, 2017

Don’t Look Now, But A.I. Composed Music Is Taking Hold

A.I. Composed MusicIt’s tough out there for songwriters and composers of every genre. There’s more competition than ever, thanks to better training and the proliferation of home studios, so the last thing that’s needed is another obstacle to go up against. That’s why the rise in A.I. composed music (meaning by artificial intelligence) is so disconcerting. Most of us are used to dealing with human competition, but going up against an evolved computer is another story.

The New York Times had a great article on A.I. composed music not too long ago, and cited numerous examples from different genres. Here are a few of them below.

In the first, composer Lejaren Hiller used a computer to produce the “Illiac Suite” for string quartet, which is said to be the first computer-generated score.

Here’s one by Future that was composed using Sony’s AI tool Flow Composer.

And finally, here’s one in the style of The Beatles, also composed using Flow Composer.

I wasn’t too impressed until I heard the last one, which is quite good in that at least it has a memorable melody.

Somehow though, I don’t think human songwriters and composers have much to worry about – yet. A.I. composed music isn’t going away though, so prepare for a future of trying to decide whether a song was composed by human or machine.

Shimon The 4-Armed Robot Shows It Can Improvise

Shimon the 4-armed robotI don’t know why I have such a fascination with robots playing music. I’ve covered many instances on this blog over the years (like the guitarist with 78 fingers and the robot band that plays Motorhead), and each time they get better at what they do. I’d like to think that they’re never going to replace real musicians, but when it gets to the point where they can improvise, you have to wonder. Shimon the 4-armed robot takes one step closer to that goal, as it improvises pretty well with Gil Weinberg, lead researcher on the project from Georgia Institute of Technology .

Shimon the 4-armed robot uses artificial intelligence machine-learning programs trained on music theory and a wide range of musical styles, from chamber music to dubstep to be able to add a superhuman element to musical performances, playing chord structures that would be physically impossible for humans to hit.

The performance video below comes from the recent Moogfest music and technology festival that took place in Durham, North Carolina. Watch this guy play a mean marimba. I especially like the way is head bobs and weaves to the music, just like a very hip human player.

The Georgia Tech team isn’t the only group of researchers working on using artificial intelligence to create music and aid musicians, as a group from IBM’s Watson team showed off a new capability of its AI system at Moogfest as well.