How A $300,000 Speaker Is Made

OMA ImperiaI generally think that most high-end audio gear is pretty bogus (there are exceptions, of course), and that opinion comes from auditioning various equipment at hi-fi shows. Not the best place to listen, I agree, but in most cases things are so off that within the first 10 seconds of listening I know that there’s no point continuing. That said, I was hipped to this video by my good buddy David Campos, and after a little research, found Oswalds Mill Audio intriguing.

I haven’t heard the gear myself, but I do like the extremes that the company goes through to make everything the best it can be. Even better is the fact that the research behind what it makes came from Bell Labs and some old retired RCA engineers and scientists who pioneered the loudspeaker technology that’s the basis of everything we listen to today. I still say that the best sound systems that I ever heard were the horn-loaded ones of the 70’s and 80’s, and OMA specializes in new improved versions of that technology.

While I don’t know that these speakers are worth $300,000 (maybe they are), the video is pretty cool and definitely has me intrigued. Find out more about OMA gear here.

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