New Music Gear Monday: Sonible pure:limit Limiter Plugin

I think everyone that mixes modern music these days uses a limiter on the mix buss. The problem is that many limiters are too sophisticated for the average musician/songwriter, and more harm than good can come to the mix as a result. Artificial intelligence is seeping into plugins lately, and its really useful for making a track better without overdoing it. That’s what happens with Sonible’s new pure:limit AI-powered limiter plugin.

Sonible pure:limit plugin

pure:limit is simplicity itself, but very powerful at the same time. The first thing is to select the genre of music from the drop-down menu at the top. Everything from Acoustic to Speech to Rock is included, even a catch-all Universal setting in case your music doesn’t fit any known genres.

After the music profile is selected from the menu, click the Record button, and then play the loudest section of your audio track in order for pure:limit to determine the optimal peak limiting setting.

Since limiting also can be used creatively, there are two very effective options in pure:limit for shaping the sound of your mix. You can change how forcefully the limiter hits your signal with the Style selector. Settings include Soft, which works perfectly when you want to make your track to sound natural and clean; Neutral, which provides a good balance between punchy and transparent; and Hard, which gives the track an aggressive and dense quality.

The Inflate parameter control on the right is a combination of saturation and bass enhancement to easily get the finished sound you’re looking for. It’s really quite that simple.

The plugin is now available at an introductory price of around $37, but the regular price is around $53. It’s available for Mac and PC and will work on most popular DAWs.

Check out the video below, or go here for more details.

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