5 Beatles Guitars That You Forgot

Beatles guitars on Bobby Owsinski's Production BlogThere have been entire books written about the guitars and basses that The Beatles played both live and in recording, and well they should, since their sounds have influenced guitar players even to this day. While we’re all familiar with the iconic Hofner, Rickenbacker, Gretsches and Epiphones that the band played during their prime, there are a number of other guitars used by the Fabs that made an impact but are seldom referred to.

The following video highlights 5 of those instruments, with a nice story behind each. I thought I knew a lot about the band and their gear, but I must admit that I learned a few things myself from this one.

So if you always wondered how they got “that” sound, at least some of those questions will be answered in the video below. You might also want to check out this comprehensive listing on all the gear the band ever used.

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