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Boutique Amps Distribution Warehouse Severely Damaged By Fire

Boutique Amps Distribution's warehouse fire image
Fire at Boutique Amps Distribution’s warehouse in Huntington Park, CA

Boutique amplifiers have been the go-to secret for the modern guitar player for a long time now. Most are made to make it easier to dial in the exact tone that a player is looking for than with a stock mainstream manufacturer’s amp. What many don’t know is that quite of number of the leading boutique amps are at least partially made in the same place. That’s Boutique Amps Distribution, which features a warehouse and manufacturing hub in Huntington Park, California. Unfortunately, the warehouse was hit by a severe fire on May 31st, which may affect availability for a number of manufacturers for some time. Boutique Amps Distribution stocks and manufacturers amps for Friedman, Wampler, Soldano, Egnator, Morgan and Tone King, as well as a number of pedal manufacturers like Bogner and Matthews Effects.

Thankfully no one was hurt in the blaze, which apparently started in a tenant-held part of the building. According to an Instagram post from Dave Friedman, the extent of the damage has yet to be determined, although word is that the structure was completely destroyed.

If you watch this fascinating tour of the warehouse, Dave states in the beginning that the building was fairly old and originally used by the military during WW2, although there’s no indication that any anything to do with the fire.

One of the problems for these manufacturers is that Summer NAMM is coming up and the fire may disrupt the availability of the products that they have to exhibit, not to mention the ability to fulfill sales after the show. Regardless, it’s an unfortunate situation that we hope isn’t as dire as it looks.

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