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Engineer/Artisan Baker Randall Michael Tobin, Unusual Release Formats, And Western Tuning And Harmony On My Latest Podcast

Randall Michael Tobin 510

On my latest podcast episode:

  • In part 1 of the interview, mixing and artisan baker Randall Michael Tobin speaks about how some gear never goes out of style, recording big band, his unique studio clientele, where he got his technical chops, and much more.
  • Interesting physical release formats like a piece of pizza and floppy discs
  • And researchers look at how Western tuning and music might be wrong.

Listen to it at BobbyOInnerCircle.com, or on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Mixcloud, Google Podcasts, SpotifyDeezerTunIn Radio, and RadioPublic.

Enjoy the show!

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