New Music Gear Monday: Kali Audio IN-UNF Ultra-Nearfield Monitor System

One of the primary dilemmas of a typical home studio is finding a monitor speaker system that works in your environment and with the room you have. You can’t mix it if you can’t hear it, but often that means a system that just won’t fit on your desktop and needs more room than you might have. The new Kali Audio IN-UNF ultra-nearfield monitor system sets out to change that.

Kali Audio IN-UNF ultra-nearfield monitor system

3 Piece Design

The IN-UNF is specifically designed to sit on your desk, and consists of three main pieces: a bass unit and two satellites. The bass unit houses two high-excursion 4.5-Inch woofers as well as the amplifier and other electronics for the system. The two woofers are horizontally opposed in order to reduce the vibration that’s transferred to the desk or to anything sitting on the bass unit.

The two satellites use the same coaxial midrange and tweeter as Kali’s acclaimed IN-5 and IN-8 studio monitors. These midrange/tweeter satellites are spherical, and sit on a silicone pad that lets you adjust their angle so that they’re aimed precisely at your ears.

Lots Of Versatility

The bass unit also houses the IN-UNF’s inputs, including a USB-C input that allows you to connect your computer, laptop, tablet, phone, or other USB-capable audio devices. This input supports 24-bit resolution and up to 48kHz sample rate. Balanced TRS, 3.5mm, and optical inputs are also provided for easy connection to pro audio and consumer devices, as well as gaming consoles and televisions.

A set of DIP Switches lets the system account for where you place the desk on which the IN-UNF sits. This includes against a wall, in the middle of a room, in a corner, or even in a tight space with walls on either side. You can also control the trim level of the low frequency, midrange, and high frequency drivers with +/- 2 dB trim controls, and up to +4 dB on the subwoofer.

Kali Audio’s IN-UNF system lists for $599 and will be shipping soon. You can find out more here.

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