Your Questions About The Music Modernization Act Answered On The Latest Inner Circle Podcast Episode

Daryl FriedmanI’ve gotten so many questions about the Music Modernization Act bill now making its way through Congress right now that I thought I’d bring on an expert to get us up to speed.

Daryl Frydman is the Recording Academy’s chief industry and government relations officer based in Washington D. C. He’s also been with us before on podcast #184.

Daryl has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in our nation’s Capitol and how that could affect and benefit everyone in the music business.

In the interview we talked about the Music Modernization Act and exactly how it’s going to help musicians, songwriters and producers, what it needs to finally pass and what happens if it doesn’t, the efforts of the Recording Academy to push things along, and what you can do to help.

On the intro I look at the the world’s most expensive vinyl records, and cable company Monster’s attempt at launching their “Monster Money” crypto-currency.

You can listen to this podcast episode at, or via iTunesStitcher, Mixcloud, Google Podcasts (for you Android users) or Google Play.

Enjoy the show!

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