Reverb Developer Exponential Audio Acquired By iZotope

Fans of Lexicon reverbs know that Michael Carnes was involved with their development for 25 years before forming his own company – Exponential Audio to create his own reverb products. Now that company has been acquired by iZotope, and I don’t think you could ask for a better fit.

Exponential Audio’s reverbs have been a staple in hit maker mixer’s toolboxes in both music and postproduction for quite some time, and many feel that they are some of the most advanced and best sounding on the market.

We all have plugins that take up so much processing power that you can only use a few of them in a mix, and many reverb plugs fall into that category. One of the trademarks of Exponential’s reverbs has been how easy they are on computer CPU power, as each plug-in monitors its own activity and shuts itself off when it’s not busy. When the audio starts again, so does the plugin, so they’re very efficient.

Likewise, iZotope has always been on the cutting edge with all of their plugins, blending a combination of power and ease of use, so the fit with Exponential couldn’t be better. Congrats to all involved!

iZotope is offering a 30% off deal on these products and bundles until May 9th. If you’re in the market for a high-quality reverb, now’s a great time to check these out.

You can check out my interview with Michael on my Inner Circle Podcast here.

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