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November 24, 2020

Thunderbolt 4, Former Police Manager Miles Copeland – Part 1, YouTube Ads, And On My Latest Podcast

Get ready for some great behind-the-scenes music business stories as my guest on the podcast this week is Miles Copeland, who formerly managed The Police and created IRS Records. IRS was at the forefront of punk and New Wave as the home of bands like REM, The Bangles, Dead Kennedys, The Go Gos, and many others.  He also […]

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You Can’t Fake Quality

You can't fake quality image

Russ Hughes has had a successful career in multiple areas of the music business, but started a small blog dedicated to helping Pro Tools users that has grown into a group of sites (,, and that may be the most influential in the digital audio world today. Here’s an excerpt from my […]

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It’s More About Feel Than Perfection

Feel versus perfection image

For many producers and artists, it’s difficult to balance feel versus perfection in performances. This story from my good friend engineer Dennis Moody (an excerpt from my Music Business Advice handbook) illustrates why one is sometimes preferred over the other. By the way, Dennis has become the “drummer’s engineer,” with all-star drummers Dave Weckl, Steve […]

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