FX Rentals Most Requested Products Since 1992

Fender Rhoades electric pianoFX Rentals in London has been open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since 1992, and has been the place to rent any piece of audio or music gear (and more recently DJ gear) that your heart desires. The company was recently featured on PSN Europe and one of the most interesting pieces of info that came to light was the company’s top 5 most popular rental pieces since the doors opened way back when.

I have to admit that I was somewhat surprised with at least two items on the list, but then again, we’re talking a market outside the United States. I have to wonder if major US rental company’s lists would mirror FX though. Here’s the top 5.

1. Yamaha SPX series effects units. Yeah, I never would have guessed it either, but they appear to still be a favorite of live sound guys. Pretty reliable products though.

2. UREI 1176 compressor. No surprise here, as the 1176 is probably the world’s most popular compressor ever. For coming up on 50 years (the first version was launched way back in 1968), the unit has been the centerpiece of just about every studio large and small.

3. Neumann U47 microphone. This has to be the most famous vintage mic ever made and for good reason – a good working version of the real thing still sounds great. I’d venture to say that it’s still the gold standard in microphones.

4. Fender Rhodes electric piano. Another surprise, but one thing you can say about the Rhodes is that sound has never gone out of style, even though it’s not as predominant as it once was. Again, probably the gold standard in electric piano sounds.

5. Yamaha NS10 nearfield monitors. I can see why these would be on the list but I bet that they won’t be in a few years. Ever since Yamaha killed the product a few years ago the NS10 has been drifting out of fashion, and now that you can’t get parts, even more so. Good riddance, I say.

Lists are always fun, especially when they contain a surprise or two. Thanks PSN Europe and FX Rentals for a good one.

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