Here’s The Exact Moment You Will Hit The Musical Peak And Paralysis Age

musical peak and paralysis age on Bobby Owsinski's Production BlogDo you listen to as much music as you used to? Do you search for new songs and artists anymore? Do you think that new music isn’t as good as the music you grew up with? Congratulations! You hit both your musical peak and paralysis ages.

A new study by the streaming platform Deezer found that by the time you reach 30, your music tastes pretty much stay the same forever, and you’ll never discover as much music again. The worldwide average is 27 years 11 months, but the exact dates change by country. For instance:

United States: peak discovery – 24 years 6 months, paralysis – 29 years 10 months

Brazil: peak discovery – 22 years 0 months, paralysis –  23 years, 2 months

France: peak discovery – 26 years 4 months, paralysis – 27 years, 3 months

Germany: peak discovery – 27 years, paralysis – 31 years

UK: peak discovery – 24 years 5 months, paralysis – 30 years 6 months

The big question is, if you love music so much, then why does this happen? It turns out to be life getting in the way, mostly. 25% said it was because of a demanding job while 14% said it was caring for young children. 18% felt that there was just too much music available for them to get a handle on.

What’s more, women peak a little earlier, with an average of 24 years 10 months, while men peaked at 25 years 4 months.

It’s not like people were bored with music though. 60% of all respondents yearned for more time to listen to new music, but as we all know only too well, life gets in the way. Another 60% felt like they were in a musical rut, only listening to music that they already know. Sound familiar?

So if you’re over 30 and have been worrying about your tastes in music or how you don’t listen nearly as much as you did when you were younger, don’t feel so bad. It happens to everyone, and at a relatively young age.

You can find out if you suffer from musical paralysis by going to Deezer’s page on the subject and taking the test.

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