New Music Gear Monday: United Studio Technologies UT Twin87 Condenser Microphone

United Studios Technologies UT Twin87 featured on New Music Gear Monday on Bobby Owsinski's Music Production Blog

Over the years the Neumann U87 has become on of the most revered and relied on microphone found in studios everywhere. Even though it’s been a go-to mic for ages, engineers noticed a distinct difference in sound between the two major versions. Some swear by the older version while many like the newer cleaner version. Now it’s possible to get close to both in one microphone with the new UT Twin87 from United Studio Technologies.

Some U87 Background

In 1967 Neumann released the U87, a solid state version of the legendary U67. It’s been estimated that there’s been over 20 versions of the mic over the years, but for the most part, only the electronics have changed, not the capsule. That said, there were two major versions over that time.

The original version polarized its capsule directly from phantom power, taking advantage of an insulated, dual backplate capsule design which then provides a warmer and soft sound. 

In an effort to increase the headroom and lower the noise floor, Neumann came out with the U87AI in 1986. In this version the capsule is polarized at a higher voltage using an FET oscillator circuit which provides a higher capsule sensitivity and feeds a hotter signal into the amplifier circuitry. Besides the greater headroom, this version also has a more pronounced high end.

It’s 2 In 1

Engineers have vehemently argued over which basic version sounds better almost since the day the AI version of the 87 was introduced, but United Studio Technologies has a solution with its own version of the mic that has both circuits in one page with its UT Twin87.

Like the 87, the Twin87 features switchable cardioid, figure 8 and omni directional patterns, a switchable high pass filter at 80Hz, and an additional switch that allows you to switch between Vintage and Modern circuits. It’s the best of both worlds.

The Twin87 features a very large custom-wound, US-made output transformer, a custom made 24k gold sputtered dual diaphragm/dual backplate K87 style capsule, premium electronic components, and hand-selected transistors. 

Best of all, it’s carries a suggested retail price of just $699. You can find out more directly from United Studio Technologies or watch the video below.

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