The Next Generation Of Soundproof Windows

soundproof windowsLet’s face it – when we have a choice between a windowless studio and one with bright sunlight we’ll take the one with windows all day long. The problem is that even though we can get some good isolation with some standard double pane glass and a third piece of plexiglass on top, it’s often not enough for most studio applications. Now some Korean scientists from the Mokpo National Maritime Museum have developed a new technology for soundproof windows that does a much better job of sound isolation than ever before, and even can provide fresh air at the same time.

The new soundproof windows use negative density materials and resonance chambers that counteract the movement of sound. That means the window allows the passage of air while effectively blocking sound. The windows could reduce sound levels by 20-35 decibels over a sound range of 700 Hz to 2,200 Hz. That’s not enough for to get rid of the rumble from truck traffic outside or those nasty helicopters (or keep your pumping kick drum from bothering the neighbors) by itself, but in conjunction with some acoustic design it could provide the kind of studio that will make you and your clients much more creative and productive during the course of a long session. Check out the video below to see how effective it is.

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