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You’ve Probably Never Heard A Tambourine Solo Like This Before

Gabriela Jiménez tambourine

Most rock and pop musicians takes a percussion instrument like a tambourine for granted, thinking that it just provides something to do when you’re not actually playing your instrument. In the hands of percussion artist, the tambourine comes to life though, as this video with percussionist Gabriela Jiménez clearly shows.

Using the skin, frame and metal jingles (called ‘zills’), Jiménez creates a percussion band-in-box that goes way beyond the mere shaking in time. She uses every part of her hand to create sounds from the instrument, and of course her time is impeccable.

Jiménez is actually a timpani player with the Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra, Orquesta Sinfónica de Mineria, and the Mexican Soloist Chamber Orchestra. She also teaches percussion at the National School of Music and the Escuela de Perfeccionamiento Vida y Movimiento.

The video was filmed at Rachmaninov Concert Hall in Moscow, Russia in July 2017, and I think it’s totally awesome! See if you agree.

Габриэла Хименес. Соло для бубна. 25.07.2017, Рахманиновский зал.

Posted by Margarita Karatygina on Sunday, June 25, 2017

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