New Music Gear Monday: UnitedPlugins Front DAW Plugin

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Did you ever feeling that the signal coming into your DAW was too clean? Have you struggled to add that little bit of analog mojo to make it more realistic? If you can relate, then United Plugins has a plugin that you should check out and it’s called Front DAW.

Front DAW is an input trim and saturation plugin designed to give you that analog console roundness that you don’t find with digital. It’s pretty simple in that it has an Input control, a variable High-Pass Filter, and a Mojo control that allows you to inject saturation from a selection of 3 console emulations – British, American, and German.

The Input control gives you plenty of room to trim a signal up or down since it’s range is ±24dB. The HPF is continuously variable from 0 to 500Hz, and the Mojo control provides anywhere from a little extra hair on the signal to some major crunch. The three buttons labeled BR, US and GE just to the upper left of Mojo select when type of console emulation you’ll be using.

The logo changes colors to indicate the incoming signal level, which is very cool, and you can click anywhere in the plugin background with the right mouse button and you will get access to enable/disable the plugin, GUI size, and GPU activation. What’s more, some parameters let you access more accurate numeric settings by double-clicking the knobs. 

The true secret behind Front DAW may very well be something the company calls Variable Analogue Random Modeling technology. VARM is a technology based on the behavior and randomness of the analogue world, so that each instance of the plugin acts slightly different, just like real console channels.

The best part of the Front DAW is that it’s currently on sale at 20% off for just $46 USD. There’s a 15 day unlimited trial version, and the plugin will even continue to work after that with limited functionality. You can find out more details here, or watch the video below.

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