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10 Christmas Gifts For Musicians And Engineers 2023 Edition

Christmas gifts for musicians from Bobby Owsinski's Music Production Blog

If you’re like me, you need a little bit of help when it comes to choosing Christmas gifts for the people in the music and recording business. If you have no idea what to buy, here’s a list of recommendations that you might find fit perfectly for that musician or producer that you want to gift.

1. The Musician’s Ai Handbook

Musician's Ai Handbook

Artificial intelligence can be extremely helpful to your music and music marketing, if you know how to use it. This book covers everything from music composition, to production, to audio plugins and processors, to mixing and mastering, to creating videos, graphics and marketing, all with the help of Ai. Ai won’t take away your creativity, but those that know how to harness it will be the ones who reap the biggest benefits in the future.

2. The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook

The Mixing Engineer's Handbook 5th Edition

It’s been a standard in music production courses in colleges and universities around the world for a reason. The 5th edition is completely up-to-date with all the latest gear and techniques that anyone trying to mix in a big or small studio needs.

3. The Recording Engineer’s Handbook

The Recording Engineer's Handbook

Also in its 5th edition, The Recording Engineer’s Handbook provides multiple techniques to record just about every musical instrument you can think of, including different recording and drum miking techniques from different eras of music.

4. The Music Business Advice Book

The Music Business Advice Book

At the end of each of my podcasts I always ask the guest, “What was the best piece of advice that you either received from someone or you learned yourself along the way.” The result is 150 pearls of wisdom that will inspire anyone on their music career journey.

5. Etymotic Research ER20 Hearing Protectors

Etymotic ER20 on Bobby Owsinski's Production Blog

I personally never go into a loud audio situation without these little gems. They are soooo much better than foam or wax earplugs in that they cut the level down without affecting the frequency response. Since I found these ER20’s, I feel absolutely naked and scared when I don’t have them on me. At around $14, you just can’t go wrong.

6. Elgato Stream Deck

I don’t think there’s anything that I’ve purchased recently that I’ve used more. Stream Deck allows you to map all of your DAW commands to backlit keys that you can identify quickly with a graphic or a description. Makes editing so fast I now can’t do it any other way. It comes in 9, 15 and 32 key versions and is a snap to set up.

7. SCOTTeVEST 21 Pocket Hoodie

If you travel a lot (who doesn’t anymore) or just want the convenience of a hoodie with a lot of pockets, then you’ll want a SCOTTeVEST. It has 21 pockets of various sizes (including one large enough for an iPad), a built-in Do Not Disturb blindfold, and even an eyeglass cleaner. Studios and airports can be cold, but this product brings both comfort and functionality all in one.

8. Monoprice Headphones

Monoprice 8323 headphones

If you track a lot with multiple musicians, you know that headphones get knocked around quite a bit. It’s disheartening to see your expense phones takes a beating, but Monoprice comes to the rescue. These sound pretty good, and you’ll never feel bad about having to replace them. A bargain at around $24.

9. Bobby Owsinski Courses

If you want to either learn mixing from the ground up or increase your mixing skills, I offer the Music Mixing Primer (use the code VMPRIME for a special XMAS price) and Top 40 Mixing Secrets courses (along with a number of cool bonuses). Or you can join the waiting list for the next class of my Mixing Accelerator training.

10. Bobby Owsinski Merch

Up Your Levels v-neck T-shirt

The popular “Up Your Levels” merch is back. T-shirts, mugs and even a tote bag. Show the world that you think more is better!

These are some great musical Christmas gift ideas for a musician or engineer that you can get fast before the Holiday (don’t forget to treat yourself too).

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