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New Music Gear Monday: 2gether Audio Space Duck Ducking Delay And Reverb Plugin

2gether Audio Space Duck plugin image

Audio ducking, or the process of automatically lowering a sound when another one is introduced, has been around for a long time and you’ve probably never noticed it. How about at an airport when the background music is automatically attenuated when an announcement is made? Or a boardroom where all the other members mics are ducked when one speaks? We’ve also been doing this in mixing using the sidechain of a compressor to duck a reverb or delay when the vocal is present to clean up the mix. Although not the first to introduce this feature, 2gether Audio’s new Space Duck delay and reverb plugin makes this a main feature of its new plugin. But there’s much more to it than that.

What happens is that the delay or reverb of the Space Duck is attenuated when the main instrument is playing (like a vocal or lead instrument), with the effect only appearing at its highest level in the holes between the phrases. This keeps the mix nice and uncluttered so you can hear that lead track much better.

Space Duck is actually 2 effects in one; reverb and delay that can be used simultaneously. It has 2 views, with the expert level giving you access to a lot more parameters, some of which are rarely found in these types of effects.

While the ability to duck the effects is the featured parameter (and most prominent as well, with a large Ducking control in the center of each effect layout), Space Duck is also one of the most versatile effects plugins available.

Besides all of the expected parameters for delay and reverb, there are also a host of other parameters available that go way beyond what’s normally found on an effect plugin. For instance, on the delay, there’s Mod and Fractal to effect the repeats of the delay, plus BitCrush and Decimate for the overall effect. Plus there are very effective HPF and LPF filters built in as well.

The same goes for the convolution reverb, which has a variety of spaces available and a size control. It also has the same HPF, LPF, Bitcrush and Decimate controls as the delay. What does stand out is the Granular and Formant controls that can provide some wild effects that you just won’t get with other reverbs, not matter how good they sound.

While there’s a trial version available, 2gether Audio set up a unique pay-what-you want structure that allows you to select the amount you wish anywhere from $10 to $100. The best part is that 10% of the price is given to one of 4 charities that you can select from.

You can find out more about Space Duck here, or watch the video below for a comprehensive run through.

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