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New Music Gear Monday: Korneff Audio Amplified Instrument Processor Plugin

Korneff Audio Amplified Instrument Processor image

There are a lot of channel strips plugins available but I’d venture to say that none of them are like Korneff Audio’s Amplified Instrument Processor (AIP for short). It borders on the one-of-a-kind and is quickly becoming one of my personal favorites. Let me tell you why. The Standard Modules Let’s face it, what differentiates […]

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New Music Gear Monday: RJ Studios MB3X Multi-Band Mastering Compressor Plugin

RJ Studios MB3X compressor plugin image

Multi-band compressors are falling into disuse these days thanks to the rise of dynamic EQs, but there’s always room for a combination processor with a new approach. The RJ Studios MB3X mastering compressor plugin is a combination of a multi-band compressor combined with simple EQ and a peak limiter in one package that could be […]

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