New Music Gear Monday: Radial Engineering Nuance Monitor Controller

While most audio computer interfaces now have some means of controller your studio monitor speakers and headphones, often the sound or features are lacking. At the very least we want to be able to control a couple of pairs of monitors and headphone feeds and that’s what you’ll find and more in Radial Engineering’s new Nuance monitor controller.

Radial Engineering Nuance monitor controller

Nuance features just about everything you could want in a monitor controller. It allows you to select from two sources (SRC 1 and SRC 2), and select between two sets of powered speakers and a sub (A, B and SUB). Plus the large master level control that’s stepped in 21 positions means you don’t actually have to look at Nuance to control the level as you can feel it easily. Plus theres a Mono selection button, a Mute button and a -15dB Dim button as well.

There are also two separate headphone amplifiers, each with their own volume control and able to select from either of the two input sources (SRC 1 / 2). What’s especially useful is the AUX 1 /2 button, which allows you to feed a separate output to headphones in a studio if needed.

All inputs and outputs on the back of the unit use ΒΌ inch TRS jacks. Power is via an outboard power supply connect via a locking XLR plug.

Like all Radial products, the Nuance box is substantially made of steel and is heavy enough that you won’t have to worry about it moving positions on your desktop. And also like all Radial products, you can expect high-quality transparent low distortion sound, which is critical for any monitor controller.

The Radial Nuance monitor controller retails for $699 and should be shipping any time now to most audio dealers. You can find out more information on the Radial site, or watch the video below.

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