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How Producer George Martin Changed The Finances Of The Record Business

George Martin on Bobby Owsinski's Production Blog

When iconic record producer George Martin passed away in 2016 it brought effusive thoughts, memories and well-deserved accolades from all quarters of the music business. Most dwelled on Sir George’s creative accomplishments, and truly there were many. Just his work with The Beatles alone changed the way we make music forever, not to mention his work with other top selling artists […]

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Here’s Why Recording Reggae In Jamaica Is Different From Anywhere Else In The World

Richard Feldman on recording reggae in Jamaica

There are a lot of musicians that think they can play reggae, but unless you’ve actually been to Jamaica and exposed to the culture, it’s usually just a hollow rendition. Although known more recently as a music publisher with his Artist First Music as well as being the former president of the American Independent Music Publishers association, my good buddy […]

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