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A Tech Guide To Livestreaming

Bobby Owsinski Ecamm liverstreaming image

Livestreaming has been the big buzzword over the last year as it’s the only way for creators to safely get their wares out in front of the public. That said, there’s a bit more to it than signing on to Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram (pick your platform). If you want your stream to look and […]

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10 Currently-Made Microphones That Haven’t Changed In Really Long Time

Currently-made microphones Sennheiser MD441-U image

My buddy Otis Thick reminded me of a post that I wrote a couple of years ago that I thought I’d revisit with an updated spin. It’s based on an excellent article on the Sweetwater blog about 10 music products that haven’t changed in a long time, and it got me to thinking about the […]

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Top 10 Audio Hardware Pieces, The 3 Types Of Media, And Producer Mark Plati Part 2, And On My Latest Podcast

Mark Plati image

My guest on the podcast this week is Mark Plati, who worked with a wide range of major artists including Prince, David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Talking Heads, Fleetwood Mac, the Bee Gees, The Cure and many others. In Part 1, which was Episode #338, we talked about we talked about working with Prince and Bowie, music for theater, following […]

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Music Contracts Producers Should Know

Music contracts producers should know image

Many musicians and artists believe that music production is just acting like a director of a movie in order to achieve a great recording, but it’s so much more than that. Music producers have a complex job where they have to be part politician, diplomat, casting director, creative director, financier and product manager. That’s a […]

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