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10 Currently-Made Microphones That Haven’t Changed In Really Long Time

Currently-made microphones Sennheiser MD441-U image

My buddy Otis Thick reminded me of a post that I wrote a couple of years ago that I thought I’d revisit with an updated spin. It’s based on an excellent article on the Sweetwater blog about 10 music products that haven’t changed in a long time, and it got me to thinking about the […]

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Top 10 Audio Hardware Pieces, The 3 Types Of Media, And Producer Mark Plati Part 2, And On My Latest Podcast

Mark Plati image

My guest on the podcast this week is Mark Plati, who worked with a wide range of major artists including Prince, David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Talking Heads, Fleetwood Mac, the Bee Gees, The Cure and many others. In Part 1, which was Episode #338, we talked about we talked about working with Prince and Bowie, music for theater, following […]

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Music Contracts Producers Should Know

Music contracts producers should know image

Many musicians and artists believe that music production is just acting like a director of a movie in order to achieve a great recording, but it’s so much more than that. Music producers have a complex job where they have to be part politician, diplomat, casting director, creative director, financier and product manager. That’s a […]

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You Can’t Fake Quality

You can't fake quality image

Russ Hughes has had a successful career in multiple areas of the music business, but started a small blog dedicated to helping Pro Tools users that has grown into a group of sites (,, and that may be the most influential in the digital audio world today. Here’s an excerpt from my […]

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