Legendary Audio Designer Paul Wolff On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Paul WolffYou may not know my guest Paul Wolff’s name but you certainly know his products. As a former owner of the console company API, Paul was not only responsible for the acclaimed Legend and Vision series, but also the creator of the 500 series racks and modules, for which he was rewarded with a membership to the Tech Hall of Fame.

Since then he’s gone on to create Tonelux, and has designed products for Slate Audio, A Designs and Sunset Sound, among others. Currently he’s back in the console business with his own Fix Audio Designs as well as being the director of Product Development for Aftermaster.

I had a very enlightening conversation with Paul, where he described in detail, among other things, the technical differences between the sound of new and old analog gear, and the differences in the sound of the major console brands. If you’re an audio geek then you’re going to really enjoy this one!

On the intro I talk about the streaming service with the largest number of users (no, it’s not Spotify), as well as a look at the global loudspeaker market and trends.

You can listen to it at bobbyoinnercircle.com, or via iTunesStitcher, Mixcloud or Google Play.

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