Music Business Consultant Bryan Calhoun On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Bryan CalhounMy guest this week on the podcast is Bryan Calhoun, who’s been a business and marketing consultant to artists like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, The Cult, Questlove, Nicki Minaj, and Drake.

He’s a noted music industry speaker, and has given workshops at conferences that include SXSW, MIDEM, The New Music Seminar, CMJ, ASCAPs I Create Music Expo, and over 20 more.

Bryan is also the creator of an excellent tool for artists and bands everywhere called the Music Business Toolbox. In our conversation, we talked about the current state of the music business, as well as what artists, bands and songwriters can do to break through to the next level.

On the intro I’ll talk about the “featuring” problem that many pop songs have today, as well as answer the question “What exactly is hi-res music?”

You can listen to this podcast episode at, or via iTunesStitcher, Mixcloud or Google Play.

Enjoy the show!

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