Spotify Payouts, Nano-Membrane Audio, And Composer Michael Raphael On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Michael Raphael on Bobby Owsinski's Production BlogMy guest today is guitarist Michael Raphael, who started his career in the 80s hair metal band Jailhouse but turned his experience into a career first as a hit songwriter and later as a television composer.

Along the way he’s worked as a songwriter/producer for Disney Records and Disney Mania, and as one of the main composers on The Price Is Right show. Michael’s music has appeared in thousands of TV shows, films and video games including the 2018 World Cup.

In the interview we spoke about making the transition from band life to composer, his approach to writing, some of the gear he uses, and how he’s expanding his business.

On the intro I’ll look at the the payouts from Spotify and other streaming services as compared to a couple of years ago, and nano-membrane technology capable of turning any surface into a microphone or speaker.

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Enjoy the show!

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