Studio Designer Carl Tatz, The Prophet 5 Reissued, And The Album Reimagined On My Latest Podcast

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My guest on the podcast this week is studio designer Carl Tatz, who went from being a studio owner in Nashville to designing studios, mixing rooms and listening rooms for some of the biggest clients in the world. He then took that to yet another level by developing his own technology and products.

Carl wanted to make monitoring more precise than ever before, which led to the development of his Phantom Focus technology, which incorporates dual subwoofers and meticulous setup using a client’s existing monitors. The result is smooth pinpoint accuracy seldom heard in rooms without this optimization.

Along the way he’s incorporated his own products into the mix, which includes monitors, subwoofers, amplifiers, monitor stands, workstations, and even a specialized eChair that helps keep the listener locked into the sweet spot. 

During the interview we talked about the beginnings of Phantom Focus, the little known Allison Effect, some practical room tips for setting up a subwoofer and your monitors, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at how the album may be taking a new shape, and the reintroduction of the Prophet 5 synthesizer.

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Enjoy the show

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