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New Music Gear Monday: Microphome Mic Disinfectant And Deodorizer

microphomeIf you’ve ever played a gig in the club then you’ve had an experience where you’re given a microphone to sing into that smells bad enough to make you gag. Even if you use your own mic, it’s accumulating odors and bacteria that build up over time, so eventually you encounter “stinky mic syndrome.” I bet you’ve probably thought about cleaning the mic, but how? Now there’s a way with Microphome, a kit that both disinfects and deodorizes the mic in about a minute.

Invented eight years ago by blues artist Tommy McCoy after having to sing into dirty and odorous mics gig after gig, Microphome destroys 99.99% of all germs and eliminates the accumulated odors of bad breath, cigarettes, and beer with an almost imperceptible, yet pleasant cherry aroma with just one pump of foam. This comes without the added unpleasant smell of alcohol.

The science behind it is actually pretty surprising. Aromas, just like sound, have their own waveforms, and cherry is the only aroma that has a square waveform. This apparently makes it ideal for masking unpleasant odors, although 99% of the bacteria that causes the odor in the first place is destroyed with Microphome’s disinfectant. 

Microphome comes as a stand-alone foaming spray bottle or as part of a 5-piece kit. The kit consists of a porous scouring pad, a 2-sided brush cleaner, a soft microfiber cloth, the spray can, and a carrying bag for the kit that also fits a microphone the size of an SM57 or 58 as well.

The way it works is you first wipe away any small particles that have accumulated on the grill of the mic’s head with the brush cleaner. Second, wipe it down with the gentle scouring pad. Third, spray one pump of the foaming cleanser onto the palm of your hand and apply it to both the mic head and the handle. Fourth, wait two minutes for the foam dissipate and dissolve. Fifth, wipe it down with the microfiber cloth.

Who uses it? Try Eric Clapton, Justin Timberlake, Roger Daltrey, Shakira, Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, Lenny Kravitz, Brian Wilson, Black Eyed Peas and Los Lobos for starters, which is a pretty good endorsement right there.

The kit is only $14.99 and is available at Guitar Centers or online. Find out more about Microphome on its website, or check out the video below.

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