The Music Mixing Workbook Is Now Available

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If you’re new to mixing and aren’t sure what to do, or your mixes aren’t anywhere near where you’d like them to be, then The Music Mixing Workbook is exactly what you need. It features hands-on exercises that teach you all the things that make a mix sound great, as well as all the things to avoid along the way. 

For the next 2 days, you can get the ebook launch special for just $1.99! [Sorry, that deal is over. It’s now $4.99] All I ask is that you leave a comment on Amazon if you buy it.

Designed to meet the needs of anyone relatively new to or confused about the once mysterious process of mixing multiple music elements together, the book features 175 different exercises covering every operation needed to complete a modern professional-sounding mix, complete with tips and tricks that come directly from the A-list pro mixers.

The easy-to-follow exercises can be used with any DAW application or hardware console, and on any genre of music.

Although you can easily use the Workbook with any current mixes you may be working on, most of the exercises are built around professionally recorded tracks featuring a wide variety of mix elements (multiple guitars, keys, horns, percussion and lots of vocals) that are available for free download.

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Among the many topics covered in the book include: 

  • DAW vs. console channel signal flow
  • Basic monitoring setup to optimize your playback environment
  • Balancing mix elements using a never-miss technique
  • Panning techniques for various mix elements
  • Multiple EQ strategies for powerful and distinct tracks
  • Compression, gates, and saturators and how to use them
  • Reverb, delay and modulation effects and how to layer them like the pros
  • Master mix techniques, and much more

The Music Mixing Workbook can be purchased on Amazon, and also on the Apple iBooks store. Distribution to colleges and universities is through Ingram and Kortext. A table of contents and book excerpts can be found at

The Workbook is meant to be used in conjunction with my Mixing Engineer’s Handbook to provide the practical training behind the many concepts involved with mixing.

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