This Music Video Was Created By Its Music

Howler Monkey music videoWe’ve always liked visuals that are synergistic with music, with a history that dates back to the light organs  and wet light shows of the 1960s. Today, just about any LED-based stage light has a mode that will listen to the sound around it and respond with the appropriate colors and intensity. What’s even cooler is the new wave of interactive music video, one of which you’ll see below. “Howler Monkey” by the German duo Meier & Erdmann was used as the basis for a video by visual artist Victor Doval in which an algorithm animates a landscape according to the music.

According to Doval, “The harmonic evolution of the track is associated with a 24 hour time lapse experienced in 290 seconds. From sunrise to sunrise the video offers a dreamy trip that opens doors for contemplation and to emotions the track might evoke.”

Regardless of whether you like the music or not (I must admit that it’s difficult for me to get my arms around it), the video shows an interesting interaction that may be the beginning of a new kind of music video. What do you think?

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