New Music Gear Monday: Audified Linda Ironverb Reverb Plugin

Audified Linda Ironverb plugin on New Music Monday on Bobby Owsinski's Music Production Blog

It’s fair to say that there are so many great reverb plugins on the market that one would wonder why the world needs another one, but there’s always room for something that takes a different approach or specializes in a particular area. Such is the case with Audified’s Linda Ironverb which takes plate reverb emulation to another level.

Plate reverbs are the sound that many of us have grown up with, as that was what was available in just about every studio during the last century before digital reverbs became commonplace. Most of us will agree that a well-tuned plate (that’s the key) really makes your reverb sing. Some reverb plugins nail it, and some not so much, which brings us to Ironverb.

Developed by musician, programmer, mixing, and mastering engineer Martin Linda, Ironverb is actually a very simple reverb with many variations on the same theme as well as some easy ways to tweak it even further.

Some Different Tweaks

The plugin has 6 different modes – Flutter with periodic warbling effect; Plate based on classic vintage plate sound; Slapback with a slower attack which results in more of a slapback echo-like sound; Dense with its narrow space and high density resulting in sharp sound; Steel simulating steel barrel; and Steel2 bringing a different vibe to the Steel barrel sound with a slower attack.

Then there’s the usual Predelay that delays the start of the first reflections up to 500ms, and a Feedback parameter that controls the amount and time of reflections, which basically acts like a normal decay control here. Size controls how big your reverb sounds, while Width can expand the sound from mono to full stereo and everything in between. 

But There’s More

For tonal shaping, there’s also a welcome Hi-pass filter with a range from 20 to 1000Hz (excellent), and several dampening controls. A Damp Amt simulates the amount of absorption of higher frequencies by reflective surfaces and allows darkening or brightening of the reverb tails, while the Damp Freq control provides a frequency choice from 100 Hz to 15 kHz to tailor the perfect sound of the reverb. Also, a parameter that you don’t see often is added here with the Resonance control, which sets the resonance/mid-frequency shaping of the damping filter.

The real secret sauce of Ironverb is the Ironize modulation though, which adds an iron-like sound to reverb tails. Couple this with a modulation section (the best way to add realism to digital reverb) that provides amplitude (Mod Amp), speed (Mod Speed), and your reverb no longer sounds standard or boring.

Audified Linda Ironverb is temporally on sale for just $49 (that’s half-price), and is available for all popular platforms and plugin formats. Yes, there is a free trial period as well.

You can find out more here, or check out the video below.

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