New Music Gear Monday: Leapwing Joe Chiccarelli Signature Plugin

Experienced mixers have their mix templates set up in a way where all the plugins that they normally use are ready to go on each mix element channel. That way it’s easy to get into a mix without spending time experimenting with the inexhaustible plugin lists that everyone has these days. If you’re just getting into mixing though, you’re still experimenting with trying to find the sound that works, and that takes time. A quick way to get those sounds faster is with the new Joe Chiccarelli Signature Plugin from Leapwing.

Leapwing Joe Chiccarelli Signature Plugin on New Music Gear Monday - Bobby Owsinski's Music Production Blog

Joe is a 10-time Grammy-winning engineer/producer, and knows how things should sound, but he also remembers what’s it’s like to struggle when you’re just starting (you can hear him talk about it on Episode #75 if my Inner Circle Podcast). As a result, his Signature Plugin is a shortcut to good basic sounds via 11 profiles for kick, snare, toms, overheads, drum room, bass DI, bass amp, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric piano, and lead vocal.

It’s A Purpose-Driven Channel Strip

The plugin is basically a multi-effects channel strip with parameter adjustments for things like drive, EQ, compression, and effects. If you dig deeper, you find that each part of the channel strip is modeled after a particular hardware piece that Joe uses.

For instance, the EQ is modeled after a combination of an API 560 graphic equalizer, an API 550 and a Pultec EQP-1A. The Drive section comes from a Neve 1073 pre-amp stage or API console, or a blend of the two. For compression you can dial in an 1176, dbx 160, LA3A, LA3A, or Neve 33609. Effects are typically a blend between an AMS DMX 15-80, AMS RMS 16, Chamber, Lexicon Primetime, and 2 different plates. Keep in mind that you don’t actually see these names on any of the parameters, but that’s what they’re based upon.

Depending upon the mix element profile that’s selected, the hardware emulations and parameter selections will change to the ones that Joes has found to be most effective. A wide range of presets will get you a basic sound quickly, and you can and should tweak it from there as necessary.

The Leapwing Joe Chiccarelli Signature Plugin is normally $159 but it’s available for an introductory price of $106. It’s available for┬ámacOS 10.13+ and Windows 8+ in 64-bit AAX-Native, VST3, and AU formats. Yep, there’s a 30-day trial available.

You can find out more on the dedicated product page, or watch the brief video below.

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