New Music Gear Monday: WA Production Multiblender Multi-Band Delay Plugin

WA Production Multiblender plugin on New Music Monday of Bobby Owsinski's music production blog

We all have so many choice for effects these days and most offer almost the same parameters. As a result we end up choosing what we use based on sound first, but also the user interface, but every now and then something new comes around that rethinks what we’ve always taken for granted. That’s exactly what Multiblender, the multi-band delay plugin from WA Production does and does well, plus it has one of the best UI’s out there.

Multiblender is unique in that it’s actually 4 delays, with three of them having their own moveable bandwidth. This allows for delay soundspheres and rhythms like we haven’t heard before. Let’s dive in.

That’s A Lot Of Delays

The plugin is broken down into 2 main delay sections. The top one is the first delay in the chain before the band delays come in. It’s mostly what we’re used to except for a couple of extra neat tricks to it. It has the normal Time, Feedback, and Mix controls, but there’s also Pre-Delay (which delays the the onset of the initial delay), and a Haas control. A Haas delay is a very short delay that we don’t perceive as a separate even, but here it serves the function of widening out the stereo delay output.

Next comes the real fun section, and that’s where the multi-band delays come in. There are 3 separate delays in this section, each with their own Time, Feedback and Gain controls. You can control the bandwidth of each by moving the frequency bar on the display above. The display shows what each delay is doing as it shows the associated color of the delay.

But There’s More

If you click on the triangle on the top right of each individual section, it will bring up a new window with 3 more parameters on horizontal sliders. These are Saturation, Bit Crush, and Detune. Saturation provides a pleasant analog-style overdrive, while bit crush dirties it up a lot. Detune provides a bit of modulation to the delay tails.

Yes, there are In and Out level controls on vertical sliders on the top left and top right of the plugin, and Multiblender comes with plenty of interesting plugins if you don’t have the time to experiment.

WA Production Multiblender is just $49 and is available for Mac or PC on all major plugin formats.

You can find out more here, or watch the video below.

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