Steven Slate 5 Mixing Mistakes That Are Easy To Fix

Steven Slate VLOG on Bobby Owsinski's Production BlogSteven Slate not only builds products that are widely used by hitmakers everywhere, but he also has a great deal of recording and mixing expertise. This is understandable in that you can’t build a good product unless you know what you’re looking for it to be able to do. Steven has a great VLOG where he posts some very useful tips and tricks. Here’s a great video where Steven outlines the 5 mixing mistakes that he sees a lot (so do I, as a matter of fact).

These are no run of the mill gear mistakes either. We’re talking macro issues here. In the video Steve covers:

1. Not thinking about the final mix before you begin.

2. Being too focused on just a part of your mix instead of the mix as a whole.

3. Soloing too much.

4. Not listening to a reference mix.

5. Not addressing the acoustics of your room.

All good points that Steven goes into detail about in the video below.

You can see more of the Slate weekly VLOGs here.

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