Songs Sung By The Wrong Beatle

Wrong BeatleWe’ve just about scrapped the bottom of The Beatles barrel, with almost everything recorded in any way shape or form released already. There is one more piece though that should blow the mind of any Beatle fan. Here’s a series of demos where a familiar song has a different voice of the wrong Beatle. In other words, we have a version of “Get Back” with John singing, and another with George singing lead, etc. It’s pretty wild.

Here’s what you’ll hear:

0:00 Get Back (sung by John)

3:57 I’m So Tired (sung by Paul)

6:32 Let It Be (jokingly sung by John)

7:12 Strawberry Fields Forever (sung by Paul)

9:24 Get Back (sung by George)

12:15 I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (sung by Paul)

17:54 I’ve Got A Feeling (sung by John)

20:32 In My Life (sung by George)

26:40 Love Me Do (sung by Ringo)

30:22 Yesterday (sung by John)

32:59 I Call Your Name (sung by Ringo)

35:39 Yellow Submarine (sung by John)

38:37 Something (sung by Paul)

43:54 A Day in the Life/Give Peace A Chance (sung by Paul)

Keep in mind that many of these cuts are of wildly varying quality, but you should enjoy nonetheless. Also, enjoy it while you can because these things don’t last long online before they get taken down.

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