New Music Gear Monday: Sound Radix POWAIR Smart Compressor Plugin

Sound Radix POWAIRDid you ever have an unusually dynamic vocal where your compressor works perfectly in one section of the song, then springs into over-compression on another? Of course you did. That’s something that everyone runs into on a regular basis. One way around this is to automate the parameters of the compressor, but that’s gets time-consuming. A better way is to use the new Sound Radix POWAIR smart compressor plugin.

POWAIR is a dual-stage loudness leveler/compressor/limiter powered that features Adaptive Compression to maintain an average compression action, adding intensity and glue while keeping the natural dynamics and transparency of the recording. The first stage is a K-weighted loudness leveler designed for leveling a voice-over or auto-adjusting the level of different pieces of music. In its second compression stage, POWAIR uses an innovative gain detection and reduction engine, capable of fast gain changes with minimal distortion and adaptive response to the source.

Why is this plugin so smart? It uses machine learning to automatically determine what the make-up gain should be so the track stays at a consistent level no matter what. Plus, its unique Punch control enables full control over the transients’ levels during the attack stage, making it possible to shape the transients’ lengths while keeping peak levels under control.

Not only that, other features include a band-pass and band-reject side-chain filter, external side-chain key input, mono, stereo and mid/side operation modes with continuously-variable compression link control, and both ITU-R BS.1770.4-compliant LKFS and true-peak output level meters.

The best part is that the Sound Radix POWAIR smart compressor plugin is currently on sale for $119 (usually $149). It works on both Mac and PC platforms. Plugin formats include AAX, Audio Unit, VST and VST3, and requires an iLok.

Find out additional details about the plug on its dedicated webpage, or by viewing the video below.

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