Meet Space Crate: A Studio In A Shipping Container

Space CrateOne of the problems with building a studio in your house or garage is that when you move it can’t go with you. You’ve spent a lot of dough on something that mostly likely the next owner won’t appreciate, and you’ll have to do it all over again in your next house. A way around that is to build your studio into a structure that can move with you, and one of the best ideas to do that is from a new UK company known as Space Crate.

Space Crate took a standard 20 foot shipping container and built a studio inside. As the video from Pro Tools Expert below shows, the acoustics were very meticulous designed so that it would sound good, provide excellent isolation, and be easily duplicated. The best thing is that it’s a standard container so that it can be easily shipped anywhere, and in most cases isn’t subject to zoning or construction requirements.

The video shows the prototype, and although the final price isn’t set yet, Space Crate’s Ben Nemes mentions that it will probably be in the $50,000 range (that’s only for the Crate, and doesn’t include any gear). If you’ve ever built a studio before, you know that’s actually pretty reasonable, as it’s so easy for construction costs to quickly get out of hand.

This is just another example of what’s becoming known as “container architecture,” where shipping containers are being used for all kinds of living and business spaces. Do a quick good search for “shipping containers” and almost everything that comes up on the first page is connected to that in some way. It’s just natural that the idea is extended to a studio.

Certainly Space Crate isn’t the answer for everyone, but for others this will be ideal. Check out Space Crate in the video below and at their website.

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