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A Look Inside Some World-Class Studios With Mike Rodriguez And Spaces

Spaces on Bobby Owsinski's Production BlogIt often happens that we read about a great studio somewhere in the world, and most of us are interested to see what it looks like inside. The problem is that a Google search will find us some pictures that usually don’t give us a feel for what the facility and the people that run it are really like. Mike Rodriguez is the host of the AudioNowcast podcast (believed to be the longest running audio podcast on the air today at 11 years), and he’s made it his mission for us to really get a good look into the greatest studios in the world with his new Spaces YouTube series.

Mike is a senior audio engineer at Trailer Park who has amassed an enormous credit list that includes mixing for more than 260 film, television and DVD commercials, 21 HBO television specials, and an additional 35 network and cable television series and specials, so he definitely knows his way around the studio. Plus, he’s a trained film maker so Spaces isn’t just another thrown-together shoot. It looks great and provides the in-depth info that we all want.

The pilot episode of Spaces is centered around Dave Smith of Dave Smith Instruments, which is a really fun ride into the world and history of synths from a guy who was instrumental (no pun intended) in putting polyphonic synths in the hands of everyday players with the Prophet V to being one of the founders of MIDI.

Episode 1 (below) features Wisselwoord Studios in Amsterdam, which is a huge facility complete with a big custom and unique API console. You’ll especially love their plate room, complete with 6 EMT 140s and 2 EMT 240s!

Make sure to bookmark the AudioNowcast Spaces channel to watch for upcoming episodes (the ones from the U.K. are especially cool). Also give a listen to the AudioNowcast when you have a chance.

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