Watch Vance Powell Deconstruct A Mix

vance powellVance Powell is one of the many engineers who has transitioned from mixing live sound to working in the confines of a studio. He’s worked both as monitor engineer (the toughest job in show business) and front of house for legend Tammy Wynette and Jars of Clay. But as a producer/engineer Vance has really shined, winning Grammy awards for his work with Jars of Clay, The Raconteurs, Buddy Guy and Chris Stapleton. He’s also worked with many other artists, including The White Stripes, Arctic Monkeys, Willie Nelson and Neil Young.

In this video from his Sputnik Sound studio, Vance deconstructs a mix that he did for the rock band Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown.

What’s interesting is his explanation of how he recorded the basic tracks, as he explains how he set everyone up and the use of leakage to reinforce the sound he was going for. Also, it’s cool how he negotiates two similar sounding distorted guitars, and his use of parallel compression. Vance Powell is truly a monster. Check it out!

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