New Music Gear Monday: Audified RecALL Quick Recorder

Audified RecALL on Bobby Owsinski's Production BlogHaving your preferred DAW in your studio is never a problem time-wise because we usually have enough time to use it. Song to song setup takes a few minutes, but usually isn’t a problem even in the most time-compressed situations. Setup for recording a live gig is a lot more intense though, since time is of the essence and the show can’t wait for a DAW session to get going. That’s why the new Audified RecALL quick live capture recorder is so cool. It’s a super fast setup that fills in the most of the blanks that you have to do manually in most studio DAWs.

RecALL is brilliant in so many ways. First of all the app automatically assigns and names your inputs and outputs so you don’t have to spend the time assigning them (such a pain), it records up to 256 mono or stereo tracks along with a separate stereo mix, offers instant playback of the recorded tracks, shows a playback history on the meters so its easy to identify a possible overload, and makes it really easy to transfer the files into your favorite DAW later.

All tracks are recorded as CAF (Core Audio Format) files, a ‘container’ for storing audio designed by Apple to overcome limitations of older digital audio formats. This is a great format because it’s not limited to a 4GB file size so it can theoretically save years of recorded audio due to its use of 64-bit file offsets. CAF also allows use of the files to the point where recording stopped, if that should happen as a result of unfortunate or unforeseen scenario such as running out of disk space or disconnection of an audio interface.

RecALL offers three ways to open a project — one for creating a new project with a fresh hardware connection (selecting the number of stereo and mono channel strips), one for creating a new project with existing hardware (reusing an already-created channel setup, track names, and colors), and one to continue working on an already-created project (which is useful if RecALL had to be quit for some reason before continuing with an existing project).

Project configuration adjustments can be made directly from within the app’s main window, including adding or removing channel strips, arming channels for recording, and toggling between mono and stereo tracks, while complete configuration is available in the Inspector window, where users can select one or more channel strips to be edited.

Once in the Inspector window, assigning channel strip names and color, arming channels for recording, toggling between mono/stereo, and assigning channels to the strip is very simple. 

After recording is completed, it’s easy to quickly check the recorded files from the main window or from within the Track Player window (which can be detached from the main bar by simply dragging it to another position). 

The best thing about Audified RecALL is the price. It’s hard to beat at just $49, especially if you do a lot of live recording. It is a Mac-only app though. Find out more here, or check out the video below.

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