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New Music Gear Monday: Audified RecALL Quick Recorder

Audified RecALL on Bobby Owsinski's Production Blog

Having your preferred DAW in your studio is never a problem time-wise because we usually have enough time to use it. Song to song setup takes a few minutes, but usually isn’t a problem even in the most time-compressed situations. Setup for recording a live gig is a lot more intense though, since time is […]

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New Music Gear Monday: Audified DW Drum Enhancer Plugin

DW Drum Enhancer from Bobby Owsinski's Production Blog

There are lots of channel strips on the market that work well for drums, but up until now there hasn’t been one that’s been specifically tuned by a drum manufacturer for drums. Audio software developer Audified has teamed with DW Drums to change that, and the result is the DW Drum Enhancer. The pluginĀ incorporates EQ, […]

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New Music Gear Monday: Audified Synergy R1 Reverb 500 Series Module

Synergy R1

about everyone has a 500 series rack these days, but we usually load them with the same three categories of modules – preamps, EQs, and compressors. Audified might change your mind about what else you can load into your rack with the release of its new Synergy R1 500 series reverb module. The R1 is […]

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