New Music Gear Monday: Audified Synergy R1 Reverb 500 Series Module

Synergy R1 about everyone has a 500 series rack these days, but we usually load them with the same three categories of modules – preamps, EQs, and compressors. Audified might change your mind about what else you can load into your rack with the release of its new Synergy R1 500 series reverb module.

The R1 is a different type of hardware reverb in that it has two sections – a reverb and a unique saturator. The Reverb section of the R1 starts with premium quality 24 bit A/D and D/A converters and 32 bit floating point DSP that has a true bypass function. The DSP offers seven unique hi-end reverb algorithms that include Small Room, Room, Hall, Long Hall, Spring, Plate and Tunnel. There are 3 additional controls that select, store and load the reverb preset, a select control for Pre-delay, Decay, Type and Color, a Mix control and an Output level.

The analog section contains three switchable premium saturation circuits with Germanium diodes, J-FET transistors and a discrete Op-Amp in the standard socket. You can control the analog gain and the wet/dry ratio from the device or from a connected computer so you can use the R1 unit as a 100% analog saturator or a 100% digital reverb processor, or anything in between.

All functions of the device can also be accessed via USB as either a software AAX, AU, VST2 or VST3 plugin or from a standalone application on either a PC or Mac platform. The R1 can be used as a plugin on multiple tracks on your favorite DAW.

The Audified Synergy R1 reverb isn’t released yet, but anyone who places an order by the end of November gets free shipping plus 50% off of any Audified software programs. The unit will list for $1399. You can find out more on the dedicated R1 page or in this intro video below.

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