New Music Gear Monday: Audified ToneSpot Bass Pro Plugin

The bass synth or guitar element of a mix can sometimes be the hardest to fit for engineers to work with. A weak sound here will cause the mix to be weak, something that every mixer is afraid of. While there are plenty of tools to process the bass, there may not be one that’s as extensive as Audified’s new ToneSpot Bass Pro plugin.

The ToneSpot Bass Pro is extremely comprehensive in that it offers such a wide range of tonal possibilities. It’s really the ultimate bass channel strip.

The Input section has the standard input control, but also includes a Channel button that allows the engineer to select either one side or both of a stereo signal to be processed. There’s also an AGC (Automatic Gain Control) button that will automatically set the signal level depending upon the calibration setting that you set.

Next comes the Character section that allows users to change the overall tone of the bass with the Type — Natural, Modern, and Vintage — settings. You can also also add additional tonal variations like Growl, Scoop, or Lo-Fi, or use combination of all of those settings.

Next comes a Sub Bass Generator section featuring Cut-off and Intensity controls, a Saturation section with Gain and Boost controls, and a Shaping tone control section. This section has a series of 6 equalizer bands and both a hi- and lo-pass filter. The EQ controls are centered around musical frequencies most conducive to the bass guitar with easy to understand descriptions like Weight, Cut, Body, Cut-Through, Fret Noise, and Air.

Of course no bass-oriented channel strip would be complete without a compressor and the ToneSpot Bass Pro actually has two of them, one labeled Punch and the other labeled Smash. Each has threshold control, a Fast-Slow release button, Makeup gain and Mix control, along with gain reduction metering.

Another interesting section is Surgery, which basically is 2 very narrow-band EQs that can be used to attenuate an unwanted frequency from the sound.

There’s also a very interesting Effects section that features an up-down Octaver, Auto-Wah and chorus, flanger or phaser Modulation. Finally there’s a Finalizer section with a an Enhancer with 3 settings – Fat, Tight and Smooth.

The Audified ToneSpot Bass Pro plugin has everything you could ever want to get a great bass sound quickly and easily without resorting to multiple plugins. It’s just $99 and is available for both Mac and Windows on all plugin platforms. You can find out more here, or check out the video below.

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