MicroSD Express Cards May Be The Storage Of The Future

We’ve all been blessed with plentiful and cheap storage these last few years, and those of us who have suffered through the bad old days of Jazz drives, Bernoulli discs, and even CDs and DVDs are supremely thankful. That said, we’re entering into a whole new golden age of small but powerful memory, and leading the charge is the new MicroSD Express spec.

First of all, if you haven’t noticed already, the standard SD and CF cards that we’re now used to using in our field capture devices has growing storage capabilities. Both SanDisk and Micron has now introduced 1 terabyte microSD cards with up to 95MB/s write and 160MB/s read speed. At around $450 they’re not cheap, but you can expect that price to drop quickly. A 512MB version is now only $200 retail, but you can find it cheaper if you look around.

The new MicroSD Express spec boosts those specs way up, with speeds as high as 985 megabytes per second. For those of you who hate the small Micro cards (yep, they’re easy to lose), there’s also a spec for a full size SD Express card. You can read all about the new spec here.

Now think about this for a second. It wasn’t that long ago that we marveled at full size terabyte hard drives, and now the we have the same amount of storage the size of a fingernail with the speed of a standard 5 1/2″ drive.

We’ve seen recording device sizes drop, computer sizes drop, and just about everything pertaining to digital audio drop both price-wise and size-wise because of the shrinking memory size and cost. Expect to see it all take another leap downward soon.

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