Amphion’s Anssi Hyvonen, Facebook’s Lasso, And Modern Recording’s Start On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Amphion loudspeakers have become a favorite of award-winning mixing engineers the world over, and founder and CEO Anssi Hyvonen is my guest on the podcast today.

Anssi spent most of his life as a hi-fi enthusiast, but he got into building speakers sort of by accident. His speakers are very well respected by that community, but acceptance by the pros was a total surprise.

Today the company provides speakers to mixers and composers just about everywhere, even though they’re passive and buck the current trend in monitors.

In the interview we talked about the difference between speakers made for hi-fi and pro audio, why passive speakers can provide higher quality reproduction, the use of passive radiators, the Finnish speaker building tradition, and much more. This interview was recorded live from the speaker evaluation room at Vintage King in Los Angeles.

On the intro I’ll take a look at Facebook launching Lasso to counter Gen-Z favorite TikTok, and a look at the person and event that started the modern recording industry.

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Enjoy the show!

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