New Music Gear Monday: Audionamix XTRAX STEMS Stem Creation Software

XTRAX STEMSAudionamix is a very clever company with a variety of intelligent software products specializing in extracting tracks for a full stereo mix. The company just introduced its new XTRAX STEMS app that will separate any song into its drum, vocal and remaining music components, which is a pretty cool trick when you think about it.

While DJs and remixers will have a field day with the app, it can be really useful in other areas as well. Just think of the times when you get a call to remix a song only to discover that the master session is no longer playable. That’s happening more and more the further we move from the days of early DAW software. Maybe your DAW package still works, but you can’t get the file off some now ancient Jazz or Zip drive (remember those?) or an old hard drive that won’t boot up. If that’s the case, XTRAX STEMS to the rescue.

XTRAX STEMS provides just enough control to get the job done without getting too complex. Each stem has a level control, meter, pan control, solo and mute selection, and there’s a master mix control with level meter.. There are 4 algorithms to choose from for the best sound, with the Automatic settings zeroing in on the vocal and Generic settings on the music. The app works natively on both mono and stereo wav files up to 96kHz/32 bits, and also on aif, aac, mp3 or m4a files too, but they must be imported and converted first. While processing, you can also check against the source file by activating a Source button. Any exported file will retain the resolution of the source file.

What’s best is that XTRAX STEMS is fairly inexpensive at only $99. It’s a Mac-only app, and will operate on OS X 10.11, 10.12 or 10.13. Check out the website and the video below for more info.

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