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A Look At The Early Music Business In The Beatles First Album

beatles_and_george_martin_in_studio_1966The early music business in the 50’s and 60’s was a completely different animal from what we have today. For one thing, studio recording offered a quick turnaround since the technology was so much simpler then, but the mentality of doing things quickly to see if it worked or not was a big part of the business as well. One of the things that’s the same as the pop business of today is the fact that everything is based around the hit song, and that’s perfectly illustrated by this video on the making of The Beatles first album, called Please Please Me in the UK.

The video has Sir George Martin describing how he looked for a hit song for the group from outside songwriters and actually found one, only to have it brushed off by the band because it was too soft and went against their tough Liverpool image (hard to believe that now). There’s also individual clips from the Fab Four describing a little bit of their songwriting process at the time, and some great archival live concert footage.

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