Game Audio Composer Brian Schmidt On Episode #127 Of My Inner Circle Podcast

Brian SchmidtBrian Schmidt is a legend in game audio and he’s my guest on Episode #127 of my Inner Circle Podcast.

Both a composer and sound designer, Brian has worked on over 150 games, and he’s been the architect for the X-Box audio system and XACT gaming audio tool. Brian is also the founder of GameSoundCon, a conference exclusively for game audio professionals.

On the podcast, we discuss a variety of issues, like what’s trending in games, what are typical budgets, how large are the audio teams, how do you break into game audio, and what are the tools you need to know, among many other things.

On the intro I’ll discuss how the major record labels are moving to limit streaming exclusives, and some headphone freakout solutions.

You can listen to it at, or via iTunesStitcher, Mixcloud or Google Play.

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