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3 Big Tips To Help You Choose New Studio Monitors

3 Big Tips when choosing studio monitors post on Bobby Owsinski's Music Production Blog

“How do I choose a set of studio monitors?” This question comes up a lot, and although I’ve addressed it before, it’s time to do it again. When it comes to monitor speakers, there are certainly plenty of choices, and currently there‚Äôs no single favorite. A Standard? It would be great if there was a […]

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Amphion’s Anssi Hyvonen, Facebook’s Lasso, And Modern Recording’s Start On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Anssi Hyvonen photo the Bobby Owsinski's Production Blog

Amphion loudspeakers have become a favorite of award-winning mixing engineers the world over, and founder and CEO Anssi Hyvonen is my guest on the podcast today. Anssi spent most of his life as a hi-fi enthusiast, but he got into building speakers sort of by accident. His speakers are very well respected by that community, but acceptance […]

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